My name is Diane Propsner and I’m a Talent Scout that moonlights as a Job-Search Coach. I love sharing with others how to put their best foot forward when looking to land their dream job. And while my advice is applicable to anyone looking for a new position within a USA-based organization, my service is designed for women with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) career.

So, if you’re a STEM woman looking for a new job but not sure how to go about getting hired or if your job search isn't going as well as you hoped, no worries, you've come to the right spot.

What makes me qualified to be your coach?

I have extensive recruiting experience. Over the years, I've helped thousands of individuals get hired by employers of choice (based in the United States) into stimulating career opportunities. With an undergraduate degree in biology, recruiting within the sciences (STEM) is my specialty. And because of my recruiting experience, I know what works and what to avoid when looking for a new career opportunity. In addition to being a recruiting subject matter expert, as your coach, I'll identify the roadblocks that prevent you from landing an amazing position as well as offer suggestions for eliminating them.

Maybe it's your resume or on-line profile.

Or maybe your job search strategy needs refinement.

Or maybe it's interviewing that's problematic.

Whatever the obstacles, I'm here to ensure that you stand out in-print, on-line and in-person.

And for those that feel stressed looking for a new position, I'm also here to help put the "FUN" back into your job search.

Plus, my coaching service is amazingly affordable.

For as little as $680 you can hire me as your coach for 10-weeks, via my basic coaching package, (details to my basic coaching package are listed below) or ask about other coaching packages (I’m happy to design one for you).

Another option is to schedule a "pick-my-brain" session; perfect for individuals with multiple questions -- ask as many job search questions as you like, (within a 2 hour phone conversation) and the fee is $250. If you only have one question, consider my “ask a question” session. This session lasts up to 1 hour in length and the fee is $150.

My à la carte service offering are listed on the right-hand side of this page and include: Resume Review (I also offer the same service for reviewing your LinkedIn profile), Mock Phone Interview, and Reference Checking.

Regardless of how your engage my coaching services, expect to be amazed (and delighted) by my insights and suggestions.

Contact me via my contact gadget (at the top of this page). Based in New Jersey, I'm available for evening and weekend appointments. All sessions (appointments) are conducted over the telephone and are prepaid via PayPal.

If you’re serious about getting a new position, get the one-on-one support you deserve from a recruiting expert that cares . . . hire me as your coach today.

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to hearing from you.

Basic Coaching Package

My Basic Coaching Package spans 10 weeks and is divided into two parts; the first 4-weeks and the final 6-weeks.

Weeks 1-4: I’m a big believer in being prepared. Far too often job-seekers start looking for a new position without any type of planning. Often they don’t understand the hiring process and what they need to do to be successful. They soon become frustrated and discouraged. Some even give up all together on finding a new opportunity and settle for their current job.

We’re going to avoid all of that by spending the time necessary to become knowledgeable about the hiring process and developing an effective job-search strategy.

I’m going to answer all of your job-search questions. Plus, I’ll provide you with advice on how you can stand out in-print, on-line and in-person.

Each weekly session lasts anywhere from an hour to two hours (it really depends upon the individual).

By the end of the 4 weeks, you will have an effective plan to implement during the second part of my Basic Coaching 10-Week Package.

Weeks 5-10: This is where you implement your job-search strategy.

Once a week, for 20 minutes, we’ll touch base and you’ll let me know how your job-search is going. I’m here to fine-tune your activities, while offering additional suggestions.

Sessions can be scheduled during the day or evening as well as on weekends. All sessions are conducted over the telephone and prepaid using PayPal.

The price for this basis coaching package is $680. If you would like to add additional time during weeks 5-10, you can for $30 per 20 minutes. You also can expand the number of weeks of coaching.

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